Creating Sex Geek Community

Posted by on June 18, 2012 in Community, Sex Geekdom | 0 comments

Sex education can be a surprisingly lonely field. As most of my work is either online or in one-off workshops, finding colleagues with whom to ‘talk shop’ can be challenging. I’ve learned that finding a community of other sex geeks is important, not only to my professional development, but also to my mental health.

While the occasional sexual health conference is nice, I notice that I’m happier and more productive when I regularly talk to other similarly-passionate people. Particularly as an extrovert, I derive a lot of energy from having in-person conversations with others who share my sometimes-unusual interests. I’ve noticed that many other sex educators and researchers express the same desire; to find others who don’t think they’re weird for taking their vulva puppet on holiday with them. Well, that one might be just me, but you get the idea.

So enter Sex Geekdom. I’ve started this meet-up to create an official space where sex geeks like me can get together on a regular basis and celebrate the Joy of Sex Geekdom. At the moment, Sex Geekdom is just a Melbourne-based community, but I’d love to encourage similar meet-ups in other cities. If you’re keen to facilitate a Sex Geekdom in your own city, contact me and I’ll be happy to announce it on this blog. Otherwise, follow us on Twitter @sexgeekdom and look for the #sexgeekdom tweets.