Calling all Melbourne Sex Geeks for the last event of the year: Friday’s Saturnalia party!

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Back in the day, before Sex Geeks or Christmas had even been invented, there was Saturnalia: the Roman festival honouring the deity Saturn. Because Saturn was a god of agriculture, Saturnalia-style partying was meant to evoke a primitive past of social equality, where people didn’t work, but lived spontaneously and directly off the land. The way the ancients did it, Saturnalia involved the temporary overturning of everyday social norms: drab togas were replaced with colourful gowns; men and women mixed freely; you could say pretty much whatever you liked; gambling was allowed; there was rampant overeating and drunkenness, and masters served the banquet to their slaves.

Saturnalia is also said to be the source of some of the Christmas traditions we’re all familiar with today: caroling was preceded by Saturnalia’s singing and dancing on the streets, and the Romans ate human-shaped biscuits that were precursors to the modern gingerbread man.

Happily, slavery isn’t a thing anymore, but we’ll be carrying on some of the traditions, with a modern and sex-geeky twist. There will be gorging on canapés and human (genital)-shaped baked goods. There will, in all likelihood, be some drunkenness (BYO). We will have music and quite possibly dancing, along with sexy goodie bags provided by Louise from D. Vice. And you’ll be welcome to mingle with fellow partygoers of absolutely any gender at all.

It’s happening this Friday, December 7, at 7:30pm.

Please help us with planning by RSVPing here. Those of you who RSVP and are present at the party will be eligible to win a $50 gift voucher from D.Vice!

Io Saturnalia!!!