Hey Sex Geeks! How Do You Make Sex Normal?

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Debby Herbenick, supporting the Bloomington Pride Film Festival

Debby Herbenick, supporting the Bloomington Pride Film Festival

Earlier this week, Debby Herbenick (sex educator and researcher extraordinaire) emailed me and the MySexProfessor team about her amazing new tumblr project: MakeSexNormal.tumblr.com.

She wrote: “It kept hitting me that sex is so compartmentalized that it makes it tough to talk about sex in the regular everyday ways we talk about driver’s safety, hand washing, love, and other issues related to health and humanity. A phrase kept coming to me, which is that we need to ‘Make Sex Normal’.”

I couldn’t agree more. A big part of what we try to do here at SexGeekdom is to normalize having honest, meaningful, and occasionally silly conversations about sex.

When I saw that Salon.com‘s Tracy Clark-Flory interviewed Debby about the project (and included a photo of me in my SEX GEEK t-shirt), I was thrilled. I’m so pleased to see this project growing and I’d like to welcome the Sex Geekdom community to contribute their own ‘Make Sex Normal’ photos to the project.

Examples (courtesy of Debby) include:

– teaching a sex ed class
– holding a vulva puppet
– wearing a vagina monologues t-shirt
– giving out condoms
– marching in, or attending, a Pride parade or a sex workers rally or a marriage equality event
– working the phone at an HIV education center
– wearing a pink ribbon or a red ribbon or a rainbow flag
– walking in an AIDS walk
– walking in a breast cancer walk

If you’re keen to participate, email a photo of you, plus a 1-2 sentence caption to MakeSexNormal (at) gmail (dot) com. I can’t wait to see what you share.