One Year of Sex Geekdom

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When I think about the fact that we had our first Sex Geekdom meetup exactly one year ago this week, it’s hard to imagine my life without Sex Geekdom now. Every month, I look forward to catching up with the sex geeks I know and meeting new sex geeks that have found their way to our events. When I get to travel to other Sex Geekdom hubs, I’m thrilled by the international connectedness of the community.

Iconic Melbourne Tram

Iconic Melbourne Tram (number 69)

This week, I’ll be leaving Melbourne to move back to the States and in the midst of all the moving logistics, I’ve been reflecting on the joy I’ve experienced from Sex Geekdom. I originally moved to Australia to find sex geek community (via a Masters in Public Health) and I love the fact that when I come back to visit, I’ll be able to reconnect with fabulous people doing fabulous work to make the world a more sex-positive, sexually healthy place.

As I’ve gushed in the newsletter, it’s my dream to have connected-but-dispersed sex geek communities all over the world so that when we sex geeks travel or move, we’ll always have local like-minded community. My dream of this global sex geek utopia is a ways off, but I’m delighted by the fact that we have sex geek community on two continents and four (soon to be five) cities.

Part of what makes Sex Geekdom different is that it’s both an intellectual space for discussing sexuality and a space for laughter. I love creating safe spaces and for me, that also means making space for humor and respectful silliness. Not a single Sex Geekdom event has gone by without an abundance of sex puns.

In my previous experience, sex-related spaces tend to be either quite academic or have unclear boundaries about the hook-up nature of the space. I enjoy academic conferences, but sometimes I find them ill suited to discussion and collaboration. For some sex-positive spaces, the ambiguity around whether or not it’s intended to be a space to meet others for sex can sometimes detract from my feeling of safety and ease.

I love the way that Sex Geekdom makes me feel inspired, safe, and connected. I notice that when I regularly connect with sex geek community, I feel more joy and have more energy for my work as a sex educator.

In my desire to continue facilitating these kinds of spaces, I’m starting up Sex Geekdom NYC in July (details TBA). If you’re a Big Apple-based sex geek or know someone who is, sign up for the newsletter and specify that you’re in NYC to receive updates. I look forward to seeing you there.

Geekily Yours,
Founder and Sex Geek Wrangler