Meet Lyndzi, The New Emissary from Milwaukee

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LyndziHi there sex geeks!

I have the pleasure of announcing a new Sex Geekdom hub: Milwaukee, Wisconsin. To my delight, this is our second hub in Wisconsin (our other being Madison).

I asked Lyndzi, our newest emissary, to tell us a little bit about her sex geeky interests and why she wanted to bring Sex Geekdom to Milwaukee.

Kate: Tell me a little about yourself. What makes you a sex geek?

Lyndzi: I am a sexual educator at The Tool Shed: An Erotic Boutique and have worked to answer people’s questions about sex and sexuality since 2011. I also run a geek themed burlesque troupe here in MKE as well as the Young Milwaukee Poly discussion and social group. I get excited and “obsessed” with things, which is what I consider being a “geek,” and apart from the usual fandoms that I geek out over, I tend to geek out over sexual health, wellness, and sex-positive activism. Talking about sex encompasses about 80% of my job, and being inclusive of all backgrounds and levels of comfort/ openness when it comes to sexuality is incredibly important in this work.

K: Why did you decide to start a Sex Geekdom group in your city?

L: I heard about Sex Geekdom this year at Catalyst Con and thought it would be a great thing for Milwaukee to have since I feel there are just too many people in this city confused when it comes to sexual topics. Some of the questions I get, even from an older crowd that has been having sex for longer than I have been alive, make me wonder just how educated people are on sex and makes me want to teach as many as I can. 

K: What is your favorite sex geeky fact?

L: I would say my favorite sex fact, and one I reassure folks all too often, is that the average male penis is 5″ long. A lot of folks come into the store asking for a 9″ dildo and when I show them our largest one, which is only 8.5″, they balk and say, “That’s not 8 1/2, that’s 10 or 12 at least!” And every time I get out a measuring tape and show them exactly how long 8 inches really is. They then usually go for a more reasonable 5-7″ size. People have been mislead as to what “normal” penis size is for far too long (and definitely what might be “pleasurable” penis size).  

K: What inspired you to become a Sex Geekdom Emissary?

L: I love the idea of reaching a wider range of people to educate and have fun sex geek events with. I would also want to make more events accessible to folks like students that are very low-income. I’d like to have free events and classes, as some of the ones we have here at the Tool Shed, though usually instructed by amazing people (like Ducky!), can get pricey. I also strongly believe that sex-ed needs to go beyond anatomical diagrams of bodies and start being more fun.

For more information about Sex Geekdom Milwaukee events, join their facebook group or their group.