Meet Angelique, the Emissary from Orlando, Florida

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angeliqueOur Sex Geekdom community has a new hub that I’m quite excited about, not least of which because I’m fantasizing about a meet up in Harry Potter world. Angelique Luna, an event planner and avid sex geek, contacted me about starting a Sex Geekdom group in Orlando, Florida. It’s my pleasure to introduce you to her.
(Trigger warning for mention of sexual abuse.)

Kate: Tell me a little about yourself. What makes you a sex geek?

Angelique: Growing up, my friends were a bit older and always willing to try new things out. That was the beginning of my passion for sex and knowing all the different aspects of it. 

When I learned about my daughter’s sexual abuse, I decided to devote my life to find ways to help her heal. I wanted her to have the same passion and desire to know about sex. I also want to help educate others that survivors can heal & live a healthy sexual life.  

To me that is what makes me a sex geek; the wiliness to share my knowledge and experiences with others to help them grow in their quest for knowledge. 

K: Why did you decide to start a Sex Geekdom group in your city? 

A: All the fun things other Sex Geekdom groups do! 

Orlando is a rapidly growing city. With the University of Central Florida being the second largest university in the nation, City of Orlando is wooing tech companies to become the next Silicon Valley. It also has one of the largest Sex Positive Adult Toy Novelty stores that holds monthly classes. It is the perfect time to start a Sex Geekdom in Orlando. 

OrlandoK: What inspired you to become a Sex Geekdom Emissary?

A: I am already known in the Central Florida community as an event planner, social media marketer, and charity worker with the local child advocate center & Planned Parenthood of Greater Orlando. 

K: That’s a great combination of skills to bring! What is your favorite sex geeky fact?

A: Swingers use to find dates in their local Pennywise Newspaper before the invention of the internet. 

K: What is your favorite book about sex and why?

A: The Ethical Slut by Dossie Easton and Janet W. Hardy. It’s meant for the polyamory community, but lots of it applies to all the different types of sexual  lifestyles. It’s especially great if you’re new to the swinging scene.

K: When was the first time you remember thinking “I’m a sex geek!”?

A: When I was at Catalyst Con East during a presentation by Reid Mihalko. I am not a professional sex geek, but I do take pride in learning everything about sex and help spread my knowledge and experiences with others who are willing to ask!  

For more information about Sex Geekdom events in Orlando, join their Facebook page here. You can find Angelique on TwitterFacebook, or email her at Angelique [at] angeliqueluna [dot] com