Sex Geekdom Homecoming 1/10- Sex Geeking in The South Pacific

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At Sex Geekdom we don’t like to play favourites, we firmly believe there is no ‘I’ in team (unless we’re talking about me and a World Cup locker room) but you’ll be seeing a bit more of me over the next ten days. I’ve been away and while some of you have missed me, some haven’t a clue who I am. So let’s start at the beginning, my name is Gareth and I’m a Sex Geek.

I attended one of Sex Geek Melbourne’s first meetups. That’s where I met Kate. I wrote a few blog posts and got my community on, but late last year I took a job with Planned Parenthood in Honiara and I had to say goodbye. Me and my trusty sidekick Big Red have had an amazing eight months, but in 10 days we’ll be coming back to Melbourne. What exactly did I get up to? Well, condom demonstrations mostly. But to give you a better idea here is my trip in five simple pictures.

#1 I hung out with the dream team


I’m not ashamed to say I like it quick an’ dirty. Nothing makes me happier than MacGyvering my way through a workshop on gender-based-violence and family planning in an evacuation centre, armed with nothing but a big red dildo, butchers paper and some gags. But I’m not the only one, these guys are the shiz, the dream team.

#2 Chatted to some youths


#3 Workshops


#4 Got a little flooded


#5 But really it was a lot of this


I can’t wait to reconnect with my community and share my stories. You can find me on twitter. I’ll be a lot more active when I’m back and have access to fast internet. Meanwhile stay posted for more Sex Geekdom Homecoming articles over the next ten days.

I’d also love to hear about your Sex Geek adventures, ever taken your Sex Geekdom on the road? Met up with fellow Sex Geeks while on holiday? Let us know in the comments.