Sex Geekdom Homecoming 3/10- The Sex Geekdom Hot Tub (Intercontinental Edition)

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The Sex Geekdom Hot Tub – Intercontinental Edition


Welcome to the third installment of my Sex Geekdom Homecoming. So much has changed since last year, Kate and Jenna have all picked up and now resettled in new cities. But some things stay the same, like the joy of inviting a few of your Sex Geek friends over for a soak and chat about a specific topic. Today we’re talking cities and I know it’s been awhile.  But don’t worry, we’re back, we’re sex geeky as ever and slightly more chlorinated this time (there was also something funky growing in the hot tub).

Cities have sex appeal. Sometimes the urban planning alone is enough to boost your libido, for others it’s who lives there. You like hipsters?  You might like to try Melbourne. I’ve heard LA is like 90% hootchie (in a good way). Or maybe your idea of a sexy city is one that is off the beaten track, Honiara could be where you get your groove back? In this belated Sex Geekdom Hot Tub we ask the question- What makes your city sexy?


H-town hands down. No, I’m not talking about Houston, although I’m a huge fan of Texas. I’m talking about a little ol’ town called Honiara. It gets city status cause it’s the capital, the most populous city in the Solomon Islands and it is as sexy, as it is hot. When I first got here I couldn’t help but notice little bags of white powder, used condoms and condom wrappers everywhere. Sadly these actually turned out to be lime for chewing beetle nut, old icy poles and seasoning for two-minute noodles. But Honiara’s rubbish problem is only a first impression. Stay awhile and you’ll fall in love. It’s a little rough round the edges and a bit dusty, but the balmy weather makes you feel positively post-coital and there is something about a reggae backbeat that makes me take to the dance floor despite the heat. Honiara doesn’t need lingerie or soft lighting to feel sexy, it’s a hot sweaty mess and it’s sexy as hell.



While there are no phallic monuments nor is it suggestively named, Melbourne is very sexy to me. My husband and I moved there having never lived abroad, never been to Australia before, and without knowing anyone local. The reason for the intercontinental move was so that I could study sexual health at the University of Melbourne – a long time goal of mine. By design, my studies were as sexy as public health gets but the real sexiness for me was in the adventure-having with my partner.

Experiencing a totally new environment and watching each other grow was a surprisingly sexy experience. Much has been written on the role of new experiences in maintaining relationship zest and my personal experience certainly reinforces this idea. Even now that I’ve relocated to NYC (an undeniably sexy city as well) Melbourne will always occupy a place in my heart as a growth-catalysing, horizon-expanding, and certainly sexy place.



I used to live in Los Angeles, and it is a very sexy city. Right when I moved there, I felt out of place. I wasn’t initially able to find my community of sex-positive sexiness that I had in the Bay Area.

However, as time went on, I began to realize how BIG LA is! Sometimes, bigger IS better. I found that just because I hadn’t met people with similar interests as me didn’t mean that they don’t exist in Los Angeles. In a city so large, there is literally something or someone(s) for everybody. It may take time, effort, and patience, but with a population of nearly 4 million (in a county of nearly 10 million!!), you’re bound to find what you are looking for. It is a city in which I am always exploring and discovering new things, and every day is a new adventure.



Alright Sex Geeks sound off, what makes your city sexy?