Meet ANDREA, Sex Geekdom LA

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Andrea teaching pleasure anatomy at Pleasure Chest

Andrea used to organise Sex Geekdom Philly, she now organises Sex Geekdom Los Angeles. We interviewed her over hearty pasta before watching her give a very insightful workshop at The Pleasure Chest (local sex positive shop) on G-spotting.

What do you think sex education will look like in the future?

I hope for push for good education in schools. I hope for less shame around asking questions. And a lot of open collaboration between sex educators to make it happen.

Do you have a Sex Geek speciality?

Alternative sexuality and Sexual Health and Wellness

What do you feel you know from being a sex geek that you feel others don’t know?

That a lot of people in the kink world are very medically knowledgeable! They know about pressure points and how to do things safely, much more than the population who are not involved in kink play.

Do you have a favourite sex geek fact or stat?

That most people do kink stuff — they just don’t call it kink. If you ask someone “are you kinky?” you will get a different answer to “have you ever used blindfold and handcuffs in the bedroom”?


Do you live in Los Angeles and identify as a Sex Geek? You can join the group here