Favourite Sex Geekdom Meetups

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Sex Geekdom 2015 Retreat, Las VegasJuly 2015 marked the first ever Sex Geek Emissary retreat in Las Vegas. Emissaries (those running Sex Geekdom groups in different locations) from 14 cities met in one place to discuss their learns and hopes for their hubs. And of course, what happens in Vegas, goes on the Internet for your amusement.

Emissaries! What has been your favourite Sex Geekdom meet-up so far?

KATE, New York : Definitely the scavenger hunt. We went in small teams, posted the finds up onto Instagram and Twitter and had dinner and a raffle afterwards.

KAY, Salt Lake City : We once had a therapist in the poly community came to do a Q&A.

STEPHEN, Toronto : Hard to pick.. There is a lot of leadership in the community and that’s empowered members to make their own events.

MIKO, Chicago : The one the least attended oddly! only 3 people turned up. We had giant sized conversation cards, which led to deep convos. It went for 5 hours and we didn’t want to stop.

KENTON, Washington DC : Same situation, there was one event where 7 distinct people RSVPed and didn’t show, only 3 of them turned up, but we had a really deep convo.

ANDREA, LA : Actually mine was from running the Philly hub, we met up at a bar in the ‘Gaybourhood’. There was a drag show on after and one of sex geek attendees happened to be performing that night so we stayed and supported.

CORDELIA, Toronto : my favourite meetup was sex and entrepreneurship, we heard from a bunch of people earning money from ‘sex’, we skyped Kate in as one of the entrepreneur speakers.

TORI, Ann Arbor :  The first meetup we had, I actively made my friends from the different parts of my life attend and it was awesome seeing them mix

LIZ, Seattle : The ones where very intimate discussions. First: 8 ppl- did convo cards, there was crying and cuddling. Second: the love experiment- 32 questions, becomes more intimate, they had an even number of people, got paired with someone’s first meetup

BEN, Melbourne: I actually have 3 favourites. a sex and cinema facilitated discussion, a porn discussion that I facilitated and a sex and disability panel of people sharing their experiences

DANI, Melbourne: a Sex Geek-themed trivia night that I ran and hosted at a bar

VICTORIA, Melbourne: A movie night we held at a sex geeks home, we all bought collective snacks and watched the doco Orgasm Inc.

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