Our Essential Values

Sex Geekdom is a global community for people who love having geeky conversations about sex. There are Sex Geekdom hubs throughout the world that provide a regular opportunity for like-minded people to find safe space + community.


 Here are our Essential Values:

Sex Geekdom is Not a Hookup Space. 

Sex Geekdom meetups are designated places to talk openly about sexuality – not places to engage in sexual activities. It’s core to our mission to create spaces where people feel safe to discuss sometimes-sensitive topics, and the “not a hookup space” facet is key to creating these environments. If folks are looking for events that are designed for meeting partners, there are other groups that might be a better fit.

Sex Geekdom Values Inclusivity.

Meetups should be inclusive of people of all genders, physical abilities, sexual orientations, race, ethnicity, etc. Meetups should also be inclusive of professional diversity. Part of what makes Sex Geekdom unique is that it’s a community for people across the sex geek spectrum – not just from one aspect of the sex positive community. Researchers, erotica writers, educators, sex workers, students, casual sex geeks, etc. should all feel safe and included.

Sex Geekdom Reflects a Holistic Understanding of “Sex Positive.” 

Being “sex positive” does not mean being “sex mandatory.” In other words, Sex Geekdom is not about spreading the idea that more sex is inherently good or that one kind of consensual sexual behavior is better than another. Part of the reason we’ve created this community is to encourage more meaningful and nuanced conversations about sex, pleasure, and consent.

Sex Geekdom Respects Boundaries. 

Not everyone – even those interested in Sex Geekdom – wants to talk about everything sex-related. Be courteous of others’ comfort levels. Gauge your conversations accordingly. Also, be mindful of the other patrons at your venue. Talking about sex is important but we want to make sure everyone hearing the discussions is consenting to do so.