When and where does Sex Geekdom happen?

Currently, we have Sex Geekdom hubs all over the world. Events range from regular after-work Friday drinks, to once-off group outings to sex-related seminars, movies, or festivals.

Occasionally, other special Sex Geekdom events will announced on twitter and on our facebook page.

Who comes to Sex Geekdom?

Lots of different people! Professionals (and not just those in the sexuality field), writers, bloggers, students, younger and older adults, and people of all identities and orientations get together (and are welcome!) to discuss the sex geeky things they find interesting.

Can anyone come to Sex Geekdom?

Yes! All sex geeks interested in conversation with other sex geeks are welcome to attend. However, if your primary interest is finding people with whom to have sex, there are many other groups that are probably a better fit for you.

Will I feel comfortable at a Sex Geekdom meetup?

The Sex Geekdom organizers do everything in their power to make meetups feel safe, comfortable, and fun for all attendees. Creating safer space is key to Sex Geekdom’s mission. We understand that people’s comfort levels around sex topics vary, so we ask all participants to be mindful of others’ feelings and respect personal boundaries.

If another attendee says or does something that makes you feel uncomfortable or unsafe, please let an organizer know about it. They can help you address the issue with the person and, if necessary, ask the person to leave the group. Misunderstandings happen but anyone showing serious disrespect to others’ boundaries will not be welcome back.

Do I have to be a sex educator/sexologist/sex researcher in order to attend?

No, you do not need to work in the sexuality field in order to join Sex Geekdom. It’s a safe and welcome space for anyone interested in sexuality and/or sexual health. If you identified with anything under the ‘Are You a Sex Geek?’ tab under the About link, you’ll probably feel right at home.

What does it cost?

Most Sex Geekdom meetups are free to attend – you just pay for your own drinks and food. Other ticketed events will list the price in the event details.

How do I find out more?


You can find us on TwitterInstagram, Facebook, and Youtube.